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SouthWood Community Garden

A place where residents and fellow gardeners can grow their own food and flowers while enhancing the neighborhood and getting to know our neighbors.

Garden Mission

To bring together and engage our diverse community, demonstrate techniques of sustainable urban food production and inspire positive action.

Our Vision

Create a beautiful, sustainable garden that will provide;

  • Individual rental garden plots for a wide variety of residents within Southwood.
  • Education and promotion of sustainable gardening practices throughout the community.
  • A beautiful green gathering place within our community.

Our Principles and Goals

  • Healthful local food
  • Attractive, beautiful, green gathering place.
  • Sustainable gardening education.
  • A sense of belonging, and community.
  • Promotion of cooperation through shared activities.
  • Make all people feel welcome.
  • Increased neighborhood pride

Garden Values

  • We value sustainable urban agriculture.
  • We value the diversity in our community and want to provide opportunities for all residents to feel welcome to experience gardening.
  • We value children and youth and look forward to providing opportunities for them to experience growing food and engage in the community.
  • We value our seniors and look forward to their abilities to share expertise, mentor and add to the community spirit of our garden.
  • We value food security within our community and beyond.
  • We value our surroundings and believe by utilizing a small green space for a community garden we are respectfully coexisting with our environment.

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